Why I Became a Content Marketer

By Lolly Spindler

There was no major offered in content marketing where I went to school, so it never even crossed my mind as a career option (not that all majors equal careers; case in point: I studied Hispanic Language & Literatures). In fact, I never figured myself as someone who would end up in internet marketing, or marketing in general. However, it turned out that content marketing and my skill set were kind of a perfect fit, and here’s why.

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Growing up, I always wrote “Author & Illustrator” in the “what do you want to be when you grow up” blanks. I knew at a young age what I liked most: creating. Whether it was words on a page or brushstrokes on a canvas, I loved creating things that had previously never existed—or at least weren’t there before. I always considered myself a writer of some sort, whether I was contributing to the student newspaper or writing poetry in my journal. In fact, I’ve always felt it easier to express myself through the written word than by oral means. Written expression not only tends to be truer to myself, but more genuine.

In addition to my love of creativity, I am very logical and realistic. I knew that if I wanted to write, I would, alas, have to make money from it. I therefore considered and explored three options:

  1. Journalism: I have always loved reporting, whether it be the news or bits about sneaker stores and music blogs. However, it’s incredibly hard to get a job in this field—especially since most of those with degrees in journalism are vying for spots.
  2. Creative Writing: Always my number one choice, but not very practical. I could write poetry for days, but who appreciates and therefore buys poetry these days? The numbers are dwindling.
  3. Content Marketing: I fell into content marketing while blog writing for a lead generation company. They had no social media presence previously, so not only did I write all of the content, I marketed it on social media platforms. Since the demand for internet content marketing is only increasing, I figured this the best fit for my skill set and the best way to make money from writing.

Seeing as I just kind of fell into content marketing (wasting a lot of time and internships along the way), I thought it might be useful to compile a list of 8 signs you should be a content marketer. Hopefully this list will help anyone wondering how to put this particular skill set to use!

  1. You love to write and you’re good at it. The written word comes easily to you and you enjoy writing about a multitude of topics. You are capable of churning out enough content to keep your audience attentive and engaged. Furthermore, you insert personality in your writing while still being professional.
  2. You’re internet savvy. You live and breathe the internet. Okay not literally, but you do spend a considerable amount of time online and have more than the basics down. You’re knowledgeable about SEO and maybe even know some basic coding.
  3. You have a copy editor’s eye. You are a grammarian and pick out typos and other small errors easily. You believe clean copy is the best copy, and won’t stand for silly mistakes in your content.
  4. You have keen researching skills. You went to college for a reason: to get good at researching things, right? You constantly pull from various and off-the-beaten-track sources to spice up your content and prove a point accurately and effectively.
  5. You have an aptitude for design. Even if you didn’t study graphic design, you have a working proficiency with Adobe Illustrator and the like. If not, you’re ready and willing to learn. You enjoy creating graphics that take your content to the next level.
  6. You’re creative. You are an idea machine. You constantly look at a topic from various angles and try to find that out-of-the-box idea no one has written about yet.
  7. You’re social. You enjoy engaging with other individuals on various social media outlets and not only share your own content, but promote others’ as well. You live for the next like and respond to comments quickly.
  8. You’re results-driven. Goals and details are important, but results are what you’re working for, right? You are logical and analytical, testing out different posting times, platforms, and content to see what yields the best response.

Does any of this resonate with you? If so, you may have found your calling. While there is a ton of content out there already, we’re in dire need of some well-written and well-researched pieces to block out the noise of those posting just to post.

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Published by Lolly Spindler

Writer, copy editor, and content marketer on the fence about the oxford comma.

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