I’m Lolly

About Lolly Spindler

I started Crea Content Marketing, LLC in 2014 to help small businesses gain more visibility online via quality content. After a stint in the real estate blogging world, I left my 9-5 and started Crea when I realized my skills could help a lot of different businesses in a variety of industries.

Since then, I’ve dabbled in everything from onsite SEO audits, website refreshes+rebrands, creating and executing content strategies, managing freelancers for clients to ensure everything is out the door on time, editing books and blog posts, and more.

I am fully remote, and have all the digital tools and processes in place to work effectively and efficiently with my clients from anywhere in the world.

I specialize in helping you plan, create, and execute a comprehensive content marketing strategy. Already have one? I can ensure you’re publishing when you need to, as content creation takes a lot of time and is often what gets moved to the back burner when plates are full (and it shouldn’t!). Let’s ensure we’re offering your target audience the valuable content they deserve.

“Lolly is a sharp copywriter who can turn the most nebulous of subjects into amazing content. She has great ideas and also has an eye for design. She works well in a remote environment and stays on top of all her projects.”

— Kasie Dailey, Demand Generation Manager at New Perspective

Want to learn more about content marketing and find out if it’s right for your business? Book some time with me to talk through your options and see if we’re a fit.