crea content marketing

Founded by Lolly Spindler in 2014, Crea believes in quality content that brings your business more visibility online. I will help you create a comprehensive content marketing strategy by finding your target audience online and giving them the content they crave. Whether you need help with content creation, copy editing, social media management and marketing, or SEO, Crea’s got you covered.


  • Content Creation for blog posts, web content, eBooks, in-depth articles, infographics, and whatever else you may need!
  • Copy Editing for existing web content, blog posts, press releases, marketing materials and any other written material, online or off.
  • Social Media Marketing and Management to help you shine on platforms you’re already active on, or to help you start your social presence from scratch.
  • SEO Content Audit for websites that haven’t yet taken the dive into optimizing their content or haven’t tended to it in a while. An SEO content audit includes checking for broken links, optimizing existing content, checking content length, keywords, etc.

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