9 Ways to Find Content Marketing Jobs

By Lolly Spindler

content marketing jobs

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If you’re a freelancer, looking for a full-time job, or interested in doing consulting work on the side, content marketing is a great industry to be in. Given its accessible nature (i.e. online) and the loads of information and free resources available about it, content marketing just may be the web-based career for you.

In addition, content marketing is one of the fastest growing and most in demand types of marketing today. Given the increasing importance of digital and inbound marketing, more and more companies, brands, and small businesses are jumping on the content marketing train everyday.

If you have these 8 traits and have learned the ins and outs of this incredible and in demand industry, here are some tips on how to find content marketing jobs via services, communities and freelance websites.


Google Alerts

Start your search by setting up Google Alerts. Simply go to the site and type in your target phrases. Some suggestions include “content marketing manager,” “content marketing job/s,” and “content marketing position/s.” Keep in mind that you’ll want to create different alerts for the singular and plural forms of your targets. Once you’ve set up your targets, you’ll receive notifications via email of when and where they appear online.


Created as a service to help users gain more followers by automatically “favoriting” tweets, TweetFavy is also a great way to find job postings on Twitter. Sign up for their free 14-day trial and set up targets like the ones listed above. Not only will those posting the jobs see that you’ve favorited the job listing on Twitter, you’ll be able to find job titles matching your targets under your Twitter “Favorites” tab.



AngelList is an online platform for startups that allows users to browse both startups and investors. What’s more, over 1,500 companies have hired candidates from the site. After creating a profile, click the “Jobs” tab and filter out positions by location, industry, and type (part-time, full-time, etc.). Another plus about this site is that startups can also let you know if they’re interested in potentially hiring you.


GrowthHackers is another great community, but this one’s specifically for online marketing. The site includes trending content, discussions, and an industry-specific jobs board. Check it out periodically to see who’s looking to hire a content marketing manager and if the company is a good fit for you.


Inbound.org is a site very similar to GrowthHackers, with trending content, digests, and feedback sections. This community also offers groups and events pages, and an even more robust jobs page. Here, you’ll be able to search jobs by keyword, location, and category.

Freelance Sites


Formerly ODesk and Elance, UpWork is a very well-designed freelancing site that makes it easy for both businesses to find freelancers and freelancers to find jobs. They also have a very large library of tests for freelancers to take to prove they can actually do what they say. Search jobs, submit proposals, and start working. Keep in mind that all freelancing sites take a cut for connecting you and the buyer (about 10%).


PeoplePerHour is not as simple to join as ODesk and Elance. Instead of simply creating a profile and starting to submit proposals for work, the PPH team reviews all applications to see if you’re a good fit for the site. You’ll have a decision within three days, and then get ready to look for suitable jobs!


Out of all the freelancing websites mentioned above, Writtent has the strictest guidelines for signing up. After initially submitting a request to join, you’ll do a three-minute phone interview to see if you’re qualified. Some questions include: “Have you ever been asked to do revisions?” “Have you ever missed a deadline?” etc. If you pass the interview, you’ll receive an email with a writing test in the form of a 500-word blog post that must be completed within three days.


Skyword is a content marketing company that hires freelancers to write for their many clients. Create a writer’s portfolio to get found by editors looking for writers that have your expertise and industry knowledge. You can make upwards of $250 per 300-500 word blog post.

Although finding content marketing jobs may seem tough at first, once you know where to look, it becomes a matter of time. Keep applying for positions and submitting proposals, and soon enough you’ll be working in an industry you love!

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