4 Ways to Repurpose Content to Maximize Reach

Repurpose Content to Maximize Reach

4 Ways to Repurpose Content to Maximize Reach

Content is a big investment.

Whether you’re creating it in house or contracting out to a freelancer (like me), content takes a lot of time and/or money to create. Therefore, it’s important you get the most out of it.

In this post, I’ll explore a few ways I’ve repurposed content over the years and what I recommend to clients to get them the most bang for their buck!

1. Blog Posts <> Ebooks

If you have a regular blogging presence, you can easily repurpose those blog posts into ebooks or other long-form content. Here’s what I tell clients:

  • Consider the audience you’re writing for
  • Create a series of posts that talks to a common pain point or otherwise is of value to them
  • Once you’ve wrapped up the series, repurpose it as an ebook that visitors can later download (you can see an example of this on my client Mentorloop’s site here)

And this approach works:

“I wanted to let you know, ‘The Definitive Guide to Remote Mentoring’ hit 2000 downloads this week, with a page conversion rate of 51.98%. Most importantly, 13.16% of readers went on to be Sales Qualified Leads or Opportunities!”

Emily Ryan, Marketing Manager at Mentorloop

You can also do this in reverse: Create an ebook or long-form asset first, then break it up into blog posts afterwards.

2. Blog Posts <> Social Media

Blog posts also make great fodder for social media posts. Use the best takeaways from your article and create eye-catching visuals in the form of quotes or infographics to draw people in and get them to click through to read more.

Wellth Works

This can also be done the other way around: I have one client who prefers to spend their time writing thoughtful, quippy posts for Instagram. We then use those posts down the line as seedlings for articles (see an example from my client Wellth Works above).

3. Blog Posts <> Email Marketing

Women in Medicine Legacy Foundation
An email for my client the Women in Medicine Legacy Foundation

As I’ve written about before, email marketing isn’t dead—in fact, it’s still one of the best ways to market your business. Therefore, it’s imperative you’re maintaining an active email marketing campaign. This can help ensure your business is top of mind while keeping prospects informed of new offers, company updates, and more.

Blog posts make great content to inform email marketing campaigns, so include them to engage email readers off the bat. Did you recently send an email about a new product drop or service offering? You can reverse-engineer that email and use it as the basis for a press release, blog post, and more.

4. Social Media >> Email Marketing

I also recommend that my clients always include a section about what they’re sharing on social media in their email campaigns. This way, subscribers can learn about other types of content the company is sharing, and can follow them on their preferred social networks if they like what they see.

Whether social media or email, it’s always a good idea to have a healthy mix of both your own (internal) and others’ (external) content. This is a great way to spread the content love while also strengthening relationships with other, like-minded individuals, brands, and companies you like.

Interested in learning how you can repurpose your own content? Book some time with me and we’ll discuss your options.

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