7 SEO Tips for Tech Companies

7 SEO Tips for Tech Companies

7 SEO Tips for Tech Companies

By Cristina Vulpe

Cristina Vulpe is a project manager at Sablicon Media. She’s an avid reader and a science aficionado, which is why she enjoys writing about emerging technologies.

SEO is undoubtedly a great challenge.

With technology startups, it’s an even greater one. 68% of online experiences begin with a search engine and the first five organic results account for 67.60% of clicks on Google.

People still search. Yet out of these online explorers, more than 70% never look at the second page of their query. Here’s how you can make your tech company stand out amidst a sea of competition.

1. Start Small

In an environment as competitive as the tech one, boosting site visibility is a daunting task. Product Hunt, Tech Crunch and Venture Beat can intimidate even the most daring competitor start-up. However, an audacious mindset can be the key to making slow yet consistent progress.

While there are others out there with more experience and a noteworthy reputation, it doesn’t make sense to organize and base all marketing efforts on those of the competition.

2. Conduct Keyword Research

Keyword Research is the foundation of every SEO journey. Targeting long-tail keywords is an effective strategy, particularly in the B2B area. Let’s take this example: an investor wants to build a mobile product. They might be tempted to look for ‘mobile app companies’, but they could also be interested in the technologies employed in creating an application. Will they look for ‘iOS mobile development’ or will their query be ‘Node.js mobile development companies’?

3. Experiment

Seth Godin once said, “Every time you buy a Coke, you don’t buy a Pepsi.” Users know what they want. This makes any competitor’s marketing endeavors superfluous, right? No. Don’t forget, there’s always the possibility that Coke drinkers might one day ask themselves “What does Pepsi taste like and why are so many people into it?”

In fact, alternating approaches can bring forth astonishing discoveries. Moreover, in the absence of variations (be it in the form of A/B testing if nothing else), there is no way of knowing what ideal readers browse for.

4. Link, Link, Link

It’s true, search algorithms get updated frequently and confusion arises amongst tech bloggers. But one thing remains unchanged: backlinking is still successful. The main difference, compared to years ago, is that nowadays it’s preferable to create breathtaking content and get quoted by others in the field instead of asking them to do it or even paying them for it.

But how do you attract website visitors in the first place? Being a nice person instead of a persistent spammer eventually pays off, and asking for an honest opinion never hurt anyone. Appealing to influencers and other techies will create a community around the brand; but this takes time and patience along with a whole lot of relationship building and social media marketing.

5. Pay Attention to Social Signals

There’s a series of social marketing measures that must be taken in order to let people know about a new tech business. For instance, forums such as Reddit are healthy environments to start talking about best practices in development, but it’s impossible to know whether they’ll also generate leads. There’s a common belief that they’re useless for anything other than spreading awareness, and it’s true: does anyone picture the classic multi-millionaire spending time on Reddit? On the other hand, the more relationships one creates, the more chances they have of improving their ranking.

Generating links and looking like an expert while also increasing sales is the direct result of blogging on other platforms. Take LinkedIn Publisher; it’s a platform designed for entrepreneurs and influencers that traditionally enjoy staying up-to-date. They find pleasure in reading about software, innovation and technology news. After your post has been published on the LinkedIn platform, it should be shared in groups and generate discussion in order to be discovered and appreciated for its value. Don’t be afraid to interact, discuss and share your opinion.

6. Make Your Content Versatile

Alternating between written text, videos and infographics is a great practice, particularly in the case of tech blogs, and what’s amazing is that these content types can also be optimized. For instance, infographics have the potential to become popular without too much effort on the part of the content marketer. Furthermore, they have higher chances of being stumbled upon thanks to basic optimization techniques. It’s not hard to rename a picture, come up with an alt-tag attribute and provide a title along the way.

7. Integrate SEO into Everything You Do

Ever heard of the expression: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure? Think of it this way: it’s better to get off on the right foot and integrate optimization in all marketing efforts than waste countless hours on mending past mistakes.

Ready to dive into the world of SEO? Book some time with me to explore your options.

This post was originally published in 2014 and updated in 2021.

Published by Lolly Spindler

Writer, copy editor, and content marketer on the fence about the oxford comma.

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