Copy Editing

copy editing

There’s nothing sloppier than a typo or a grammatical error. Which is why it works out that I’m a perfectionist, grammarian, and overall language nerd. Crea prides itself on making you–and your writing–look good. After all, a simple typo equals a loss of credibility in some readers’ eyes.



“Lolly is a phenomenal writer and content developer. She is able to articulate complex thoughts and ideas through engaging and high level articles. Lolly worked with us for over a year, during which I was very pleased with her level … Continue reading

Rebeca de Ojeda

“Lolly is a sharp copywriter who can turn the most nebulous of subjects into amazing content. She has great ideas and also has an eye for design. She works well in a remote environment and stays on top of all … Continue reading

Kasie Dailey